Solar Systems

Solar is the most abundant form of energy, and India is blessed with ample availability of the sun. It is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy, and putting it to use helps a long way to reduce the carbon foot print on our delicate mother Earth. Recently, solar solutions have become very cost efficient, with some of these solutions comparable to grid electricity costs.

DEE can offer various renewable energy solutions

Solar Rooftop systems

Rooftop systems offer solutions using your own roof for setting up a solar or hybrid system, and consuming the energy generated from these systems for your own needs. These can be on-grid or off-grid or hybrid solutions.

The most common and cheapest solution is the on-grid system, wherein the energy generated from the solar system is used in conjunction with the grid electricity to cater to the load. The main components include PV panels, inverter, protection boxes and AC & DC cabling.

The main benefits from setting up solar rooftop systems is
First and foremost, Going Green! Putting your vacant roof to good use to generate electricity and income. On-site energy generation, thus reducing transmission & distribution losses. Significant reduction in grid electricity bills with great payback.

India’s target for rooftop systems is 40 GW by 2022, and DEE aims to play a major part in this.

Solar Water Pumps

DEE also offers Solar Water pumping solutions for both submersible and surface pumps. Solar water pumps are irrigation pumps powered by solar. The main components include PV panels, structure to support the panels, a charge controller, and pump set. These pumps run independently of the grid, and are most suitable to replace pumps running on diesel, and where grid electricity is intermittent and/or not available.

DEE offers end-to-end solutions, from concept designing to commissioning of these systems, and specializes in delivering customized solutions at excellent quality and cost competitiveness using world class products.